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Customizing Project Costs
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Site Administrators can customize the drop-down options available within the Financing Project Costs tab for the various loan types they may have within their organization.  To customize:


  • Click on Administration
  • Click on Reference 
  • Click on Loan
  • Click on Cost Types
  • Click on the green +Add to add new types to the drop-down
  • Click on Save


NOTE for Site Administrators:  If adding and/or editing Cost Types for 504 and/or 7a loan types please be sure to map the proper ETRAN fields within the SBA Project Eligibility subcategory.  Non 504/7a loans do not need to be mapped and can skip this step.




After Cost Types have been added/edited click on Reference LoanLoan Types.  Click on the existing Loan Type hyperlink and in the Settings category add the new/edited Cost Types.  Link to Setting Up New Loan Types HERE.

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