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Customizing Project Costs
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Site Administrators can customize the drop-down options available within the Financing Project Costs tab for the various loan types they may have within their organization.  To customize:


  • Click on Administration.
  • Click on Reference .
  • Click on Loan.
  • Click on Cost Types.
  • Click on the green +Add to add new types to the drop-down. A pop up will appear.



  • Create the new types you would like to add by filling in the pop up.
  • Click on Save





Name: This is the name that will appear on the Project Costs screen to identify the actual cost line item.

Cost Category: The options within this field are limited and controlled by the system. Filling out this field provides the ability to combine multiple cost types into one main cost type for reporting purposes and field mapping for SBA forms. 

Description: This field is only seen by site administrators. It can be used to record notes regarding the use of the field. It does not appear on data entry screens, documents or reports.

Negative: Allows for the cost type to be a negative number.

SBA Project Eligibility: These fields are used for SBA loans. They allow you to map the type to a specific SBA use of proceeds. The mapping allows for proper transmission of data to ETRAN.



NOTE for Site Administrators:  If adding and/or editing Cost Types for 504 and/or 7a loan types please be sure to map the proper ETRAN fields within the SBA Project Eligibility subcategory.  Non 504/7a loans do not need to be mapped and can skip this step.


After Cost Types have been added/edited click on Reference LoanLoan Types.  Click on an existing Loan Type hyperlink and in the Cost Types tab category add the new/edited Cost Types.

You can view full instructions on how to do this and set up a Loan Type by clicking here.

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