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Release Notes - 2022-06-22
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June 22, 2022



504 Lenders: New Enhancements to the Financing Menu

In accordance with the ETRAN and Authorization updates Ventures has made some updates to the Financing menu user interface.  No Action is needed for existing Project Costs that have already been mapped to Etran.


Helpful Knowledgebase articles: Customizing Project Costs and Setting up New Loan Types


Financing > Project Costs tab

  • All Project Cost Types will now include a Description field.  The Description Field within Ventures will merge over to the Description field located within Etran > Use of Proceeds menu > respective UOP bucket (screenshot below)
  • Clicking on the ? icon within Ventures will redirect you to Help Text



  • Financing > Project Costs tab: New Use Type field added for the following Project Costs Types:
    • Building (construction, Remodeling, L/H improvement, etc.) (Etran E04)
    • Machinery and Equipment (purchase, installation, etc. (Etran E10)
      • Description
      • Use Type in Ventures = Proceed Sub in Etran



  • Financing > Project Costs tab: New Use Type and Lender of Debt fields added for the following Project Cost Type:  
    • Debt to be refinanced (Etran E15)
      • Description field
      • Use Type in Ventures = Proceed Sub in Etran
      • Lender of Debt in Ventures = Lender in Etran





A message from the Ventures Support team:

Thank you to those that have already adjusted and continue to use the Contact Support Widget located on the upper right portion of Ventures!  For faster response time please continue to use the Contact Support Widget to submit any Ventures inquiries, this will ensure that your inquiries are not blocked by SPAM, that they land in the appropriate queue, and that all Ventures Support Staff has access to these inquiries and can provide a response accordingly.


Have new staff, need a Ventures refresher? Access the Foundational Webinar Series recorded sessions.


The Contact Support widget also allows you to input keywords into the Subject Line and provides a list of helpful KB Articles that you may access and/or may answer your queries.


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