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Release Notes - 2022-05-11
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May 11, 2022





IMPORTANT: Etran Checks

NADCO has brought to our attention that SBA is screening out files that do not include evidence of the check.  Please be sure that you upload all documents evidencing the check(s) during your Etran Application submission.  The check(s) documents should be uploaded in CAIVRS (1035) 1244 Exhibit 21.


New Enhancement: Adding Contacts and Contact Roles

Ventures is listening!   With this new enhancement you are now able to add External Contacts to certain data fields within Ventures.  Adding an external contact within any of the fields identified below will automatically assign them the role based on the field you are inputting the contact. For example, if you are adding an external contact as a Credit Analyst within Partner Contacts, then the newly added contact will automatically be assigned the Role Type of Credit Analyst. To view, edit, add the Roles for a specific external contact access the Contact VCard or Access the Contact Menu, search for your Contact to view the VCard and Roles assigned.


Previously, many of the selections were only available if they had a user account.  Therefore, you may make those user accounts that were used only for assigning purposes inactive which will then not count against your user fees.  Access the KB article labeled Disabling a User Account for additional guidance.


The following fields will now allow you to add an External Contact directly from within the Specific field.  You may also view the video linked HERE

  1. Partner Contacts

    • Loan Officer

    • Loan Processor

    • Credit Analyst

    • Closing Processor

    • Closing Analyst

    • Business Advisor

    • Servicing Agent

    • Servicer Company

    • Assigned Collector

    • Liquidation Analyst

  2. Administration > Organization > SLPC All Notifications

  3. Loan Analysis: Risk Rating > Reviewer, Approved By 1 and 2

  4. Tracking > Site Visits


NAICS Codes and RMA data Import Reminder


Ventures has updated the NAICS Code list to reflect the 2022 list that is used for Etran.  It is important to note that RMA has not yet updated the list to 2022 therefore you may throw errors if your RMA data is referencing an inactive NAICS when importing of RMA data.


The current workaround until RMA updates to 2022 is as follows:

Download the RMA Excel spreadsheet and update the NAICS Code located on the upper portion within each tab prior to importing into Ventures.  Select the correct NAICS Code (2022) from within Ventures.  You may access /validate the 2022 NAICS codes HERE.

A message from the Ventures Support team:

Thank you to those that have already adjusted and continue to use the Contact Support Widget located on the upper right portion of Ventures!  For faster response time please continue to use the Contact Support widget to submit any Ventures inquiries, this will ensure that your inquiries are not blocked by SPAM, that they land in the appropriate queue, and that all Ventures Support Staff has access to these inquiries and can provide a response accordingly.


Have new staff, need a Ventures refresher? Access the Foundational Webinar Series recorded sessions.


The Contact Support widget also allows you to input key words into the Subject Line and provides a list of helpful KB Articles that you may access and/or may answer your queries.


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