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Release Notes - 2022-04-27
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April 27, 2022




Address Autofill Enhancement

Ventures will auto populate the Census Tract and Congressional District when adding a new Project Address and selecting from the Google Address Prediction drop down list of options.  You may also review a brief video demonstrating the enhancement HERE.


504 ETRAN Validation - Resolved

The SBA ETRAN team has resolved the issue whereas some of you were receiving the validation: BorrowerContrib #1 has action='insert'. The only action allowed is 'view'  when trying to update an existing Etran application.  You should now be able to update and submit new and existing ETRAN applications.  Feel free to reach out to the Ventures Support team via the Contact Support  widget located on the upper right corner of Ventures.


504 lenders: New 327 System Templates

Ventures, in coordination with NADCO, has published 10 additional System 327 Templates.  The system templates are available for your use and/or customization with Web Templates module (if subscribed).  The templates may require further modifications based on your specific needs, be sure to review them prior to submitting to the SBA.

The Templates that were published on the evening of 4/20/2022 are listed below:

327 - Add EIN to EPC
327 - Change Address
327 - Change EPC Name
327 - Change Lender
327 - Change Proj Costs/Loan Amts
327 - Change to 25 year Debenture
327 - Correct Guarantor name
327 - Franchise Documents
327 - Lease with SNDA
327 - Life Insurance Waiver


NAICS Codes and RMA data Import Reminder

  • Ventures has updated the NAICS Code list to reflect the 2022 list that is used for Etran.  It is important to note that RMA has not yet updated the list to 2022 therefore you may throw errors if your RMA data is referencing an inactive NAICS when importing of RMA data.
  • The current workaround until RMA updates to 2022 is as follows:

Download the RMA Excel spreadsheet and update the NAICS Code located on the upper portion within each tab prior to importing into Ventures.  Select the correct NAICS Code (2022) from within Ventures.  You may access /validate the 2022 NAICS codes HERE.

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