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Release Notes - 2022-04-13
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April 13, 2022



Ventures Support Team is Hiring
We are looking to add a member to our support team and who better than someone that is already using the Ventures system.  This is a remote position.  If you are interested check out our job posting HERE.

Google Address Autofill Enhancement

We heard you and have further enhanced the Google Address Autofill.  This  release will see the return of previously entered addresses while also maintaining the validation of the address.  You can easily access this feature by entering a space in the Address 1 line field.  A list of addresses already associated with the project will display from you to choose from. Choose from the addresses already associated with your project, select a google address and/or manually input the address.



504 ETRAN Validation

We are aware that some of you may still be receiving an Etran Validation: BorrowerContrib #1 has action='insert'. The only action allowed is 'view'.  This Etran Validation is appearing when trying to submit or update an existing Etran application that has an Etran status of either Awaiting Document or In Process.  You may workaround the validation by disabling your Etran Application and Adding a NEW Etran Application.  Please watch the video HERE.


Ventures continues to work with the SBA Etran team to resolve this validation and will provide an update within the Announcement Widget located on your Ventures Home Page.

Loan Analysis Enhancements


What's New?

Ventures financial area has expanded to allow for additional line items in both the Balance Sheet and Income Statement. 

  • Additional fields added to the Balance Sheet. The Credit Memo will total the subtotals and present one value.
    • “Other Current Assets” rows (four total)
    • “Other Assets” rows (four total)
    • “Other Current Liabs” rows (three total)
    • “Other Long Term Liabilities” rows (three total)
  • Additional fields added to Income Statement. Each will be printed in the Credit Memo.
    • "Gain on Sale of Assets" row (one total)
    • "Loss on Sale of Assets" row (one total)
    • "Other Income" rows (two total)
    • "Other Expense" rows (two total)
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