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Release Notes - 2022-02-02
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Ventures Knowledgebase:

Did you know that Ventures has a Knowledge Base platform where you have access to helpful Articles, Videos, and even Submit a Support Ticket? 

  • Access the Ventures Knowledge Base widget located on the lower section of Ventures: Stay Connected section or bookmark
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Ventures has updated the NAICS Codes list in Ventures from 2017 to the most current 2022 NAICS Code list.  You should no longer be receiving the “Invalid NAICS Code” Etran Validation.


Lender Action:

  • Any new loans or loans that are In Process will need to be updated with the new 2022 NAICS code prior to submitting to Etran. 
  • Any existing loans that already had a NAICS identified should not be impacted and the original NAICS data selected will remain.  

RMA data and temporary workaround

  • Ventures has updated the NAICS Code list to reflect the 2022 list that is used for Etran.  It is important to note that RMA has not yet updated the list to 2022 therefore you may throw errors if your RMA data is referencing an inactive/old NAICS for importing of RMA data.
  • The current workaround until RMA updates to 2022 is as follows:
    • Make sure you are using a 2022 NAICS Code, view/search for your 2022 NAICS Code HERE.
    • Download the RMA Excel spreadsheet and update the NAICS Code to reflect the 2022 NAICS code (if the NAICS code did not change for your industry and matches the 2022 NAICS, no action is needed).  The NAICS Code correction must be made in the heading of each tab within the RMA spreadsheet.  



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