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Release Notes - 2021-08-25
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August 25, 2021



New: Release Notes Widget has been added to your Ventures Home Page labeled Release Notes

Loan Analysis Changes:

There are a few changes that were made to the financial spreadsheet area which are outlined below:


  • Six additional “Other Addback” rows have been added to the Cashflow section of the income statement 

  • Three additional rows have been added to the Reconciliation of Net Worth

  • A warning message has been added to the loan analysis header if the system notices that the “Unexplained Variance” line contains anything but zeros.  This does not prevent you from moving on, it is simply a warning.  


504 Lenders: User Interface Enhancements added to the Collateral Menu

In an effort to continue to prepare for the 504 Authorization Modernization Ventures has added some enhancements to the Collateral menu > Collateral Records.  

  • The Collateral tabs will adjust based on the Type of Collateral selected. 

  • A Valuation tab and Valuation Type drop down has been added for all Collateral types

  • Other Details Section has been added to the bottom of tab 2  within the collateral record based on the Collateral Type selected.  

  • 3rd Party Liens tab has been added.  

  • A video showing the interface enhancements may be viewed HERE

504 Lenders: Etran > All Collateral Option

Etran Submission: The All Collateral Option located within the Submit Optional Information section will now be checked by default.  This will ensure that all Collateral records and data are sent to SBA during your Etran submission process.




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