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SBA Authorization Issues & FAQs
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Here are some common questions and issues that users have encountered when generating an Authorization Wizard from Ventures. You may wish to share this article with your IT personnel or vendor to help you with issues you may be running into.

If you need assistance installing the Authorization files onto a new workstation, you can find the basic steps in our related KB article: Installing the Authorization Wizard on a new workstation.


I. Issues running the Authorization


A. The most common issues with the SBA authorization are:

  1. Nothing happens when you double click the 'update' link
  2. You receive an error immediately opening up the document


Resolutions for issue #1

  • The boilerplate files are missing.  SBA used to have an auto installer, but it stopped working with Office 2010.  We have created a special installer that can be found in the following link.  Download and run it on any machine having an issue.  Click
    • HERE for 504 install tool;
    • HERE for 7a install tool; OR
    • Word has a setting protecting you from opening documents right from the web.  You can turn off that setting, or just click 'allow editing' at top.


Resolution for issue #2

You may receive error related to admin rights, etc.  This normally means the Windows or Office itself are in the middle of updates.  Figuring out when the process is done is complicated, but normally a reboot or two will finish the job.


A2. How can I tell that the Authorization files have been installed correctly?


You can manually check your computer to verify the files are in the correct directory for use with the Ventures templates. These files are located in the directory: "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Microsoft\Templates". Please contact your IT personnel or vendor if you have difficulty locating the folder on your computer.

Required files:

1. The Authorization template you wish to use depending on loan program. These are the Word files with the extension ".dotm".
2. A help file (.chm and/or .hlp).
3. The SBAOffices.txt which contain the address information for SBA District Offices.


B. The Update button has text that says MACROBUTTON and I cannot open the wizard macros.


Sometimes when your wizard has recently crashed, Word will enable a setting that disables your macros. There are a couple of ways to fix this.


1. Use Alt + F9 to toggle this setting off.

2. If the Alt + F9 option is not working, close out of the wizard and open a blank Word document. Go to File > Options to access your Word options and manually turn off the setting.


C. You successfully created the authorization and saved it to a shared loan folder but the macros do not load when you try to edit the document again.

There may be an issue where the templates for the authorization cannot load from a shared folder or drive. You can work around this issue by copying the authorization to your desktop and launching it from there to edit the document. Please contact your IT personnel or vendor to discuss more permanent solutions.


D. [Windows 10 users] You receive an error after clicking "Finish" to complete one of the Wizard sections.

If you have been using Office for most of the day before attempting to work on your Authorization, you may receive an error when attempting to complete a section. Our first recommendation is to reboot your workstation and attempt to edit the wizard after rebooting. If this does not correct the error, please contact your IT personnel or vendor for additional assistance.


II. Other Frequently Asked Questions

A. Does the Authorization work with 64-bit Office?

The SBA authorization won't work under 64-bit as Microsoft removed support for legacy code.  They recommend 32-bit for all users, unless organizations have a very specific need for 64-bit operations.


B. Does the Authorization work with Office 365?

Yes, the Authorization can work with Office 365. There are a few items to consider when using Office 365.

1. You must be using the 32-bit version of Office.
2. It is recommended that you install Office on the local workstation and not use the web versions of the Office applications.


C. Are there any additional tips when creating authorizations?

SBA provides some additional tips to avoid issues in their Wizard Facts handout which is also attached with this article.




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