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Add and Track Tasks
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Q: How do I add and assign a task?

A: Tasks can be assigned to a Ventures user. Tasks are assigned within a loan record. You cannot assign tasks from the Tasks main menu, the main menu is a record of all tasks in you system. Ventures does not have a feature to notify the user when a Task has been assigned, the system assumes that the users are manually checking their Tasks to ensure Tasks have or have not been assigned.


Within a loan record:

  • Go to Notes / Tasks menu and click on Tasks tab
  • Click either +Add or +Add Task List (If adding Task List, review KB article Adding a Task List)
  • Fill out task information (Note: Type and Task are both required fields to create a task)
  • Click Save


Q: How do I view tasks assigned to me?

A: There are two ways to view tasks assigned to you. Either from your Ventures Home page, or directly in the Tasks main menu.


Home page

  • Within your Quick Searches widget, click on My Tasks
  • You will be redirected to the Tasks main menu page pre-filtered to show tasks assigned to you

Tasks main menu

  • Click on Tasks main menu Tab
  • Click on the Filter icon
  • Select your name to view tasks assigned to you


Q: How do I view tasks assigned to other users on my site?

A: You can see all assigned tasks by clicking on the Tasks main menu tab. You can filter to see all tasks, pending tasks, or completed tasks. You can also filter by Task List or Task Type. There is a search bar to search key words or data points if you are trying to find a specific task.


Q: What reports fields are associated with Tasks?

A: In the Fields tab within a report, you can view all related Tasks fields. You can use the search bar at the top of the available fields column to search for tasks to narrow the list of fields down. You will see the three categories that you can pull task information from. Contact Notes, Loan Notes Tasks, Loan Notes Tasks Latest By Type. Click on them to reveal the fields within that you can add to your report.


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