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There are two ways to add a Note to a loan file in Ventures. Notes can also be used to set visible alerts on a loan file, and track hours spent working on the topic of said note.

You can add a note to a loan from the Overview page:

  • Click on the Notes button. The notes menu will appear. You will see any notes that were previously created for the loan listed here.
  • Click Add to add a note.

You can also add a note from the Notes & Tasks menu in the overview menu.

  • Click on Notes and Tasks.
  • Ensure you are on the Notes tab.
  • Click Add to add a note.


Regardless of which method you choose, when you click Add, the Add Note pop up will appear.

  • Select the type of note you would like to add. Site Administrators can add additional note types.
  • Under the note type drop down menu, there is a check box labeled Alert. If checked, the Note you create will appear as an alert banner in heading of the loan.

  • Once you select the Type, fill in the Notes text box. This is where you enter the note itself. You can use the insert snippet drop down menu to add a snippet to the note. Snippets are pre-saved text that can be set up by site administrators.
  • Once you finish entering your note, you have the option use the “Applies To” check boxes to categorize the note. You can select as many as you would like. This will allow the note to be filtered in the notes grid, and for the note to be included in a report that has specified a note category.  
  • Depending on how your Site Administrator set up the Note type, you may have the ability to enter how many hours you have spent working on the topic of the note. This is a manual field you need to update, it will not automatically track your hours. If you do not see the Time Tracking section, it means the Note type does not have time tracking enabled. Your Site Administrator can enable this for the Note type in the Administration section of Ventures.
  • You can attach word documents, pdfs and image files to Notes using the Attachments area.
    • Click on the Select or Drop files button, select the file you would like to attach from your system and click open.
    • You can also drag and drop filed into the window. The files will start uploading automatically.
  • When you finish building the note, and attaching any relevant files, click save.

  • The Add Note pop up will disappear. If you added the note from the Overview page, the loan menu will appear and you should see note listed there.



  • If you clicked add note from the Notes & Tasks page, you will return to the Notes page and you should see the Note you created in the Notes table.

To edit a note: 

  • Click on the note in either the Notes menu on the Loan overview page, or in the Notes & Tasks page.

  • The edit note pop up will appear. It looks identical to the create a Note pop up pictured above. Make your edits and click save.


To delete a note: 

  • Click on the note in either the Notes menu on the Loan overview page, or in the Notes & Tasks page.


  • The edit note pop up will appear. Click Delete in the bottom left corner of the pop up. Note: There is no going back once a note is deleted. When the delete process is complete, you will not be able to recover the note. 

  • A confirmation pop up will appear. Click Delete to confirm. The pop up will disappear and the note will be deleted.


Please Note: If you do not see the Delete button, your account does not have the necessary privileges to delete notes. Your site administrator will be able to delete the note for you, or refer you to a user whose account does have the appropriate access levels to delete a note.


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