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Adding a Task List
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Ventures gives you the ability to create your own internal checklists for checks & balances against any process.  Task Lists may be created to assign multiple tasks at once.  Create your own "virtual" checklists for:


  • Different loan programs;
  • Stages of the process; and/or
  • Internal Audit checklists


All Task List checklists are created by the Site Administrator and are available in the Loan Menu for use by staff.  [Note: Task Lists were designed to be used only 1 time within a loan.  The user could create multiple task lists  based on the specific list needed (i.e. Corporations, LLC, Partnership etc...]


To create a Task List the Site Administrator should access Administration > Task Lists 

  • Click the green Add button to add a new Task List
  • Name your Task List (i.e. Closing Checklist - Required field)
  • Description: give your task list a description (optional)
  • Loan Phase: what loan phase would you like this task list to appear in - optional field
  • Click Save to add your Task List



Adding checklist items:

  • Select the Task List you have added by clicking on the hyperlinked Name




  • Click on Add to add a new checklist item to your Task List:
    • Task (required field): Name your Task / checklist item - i.e. Signed Authorization 
    • Details: details/comments regarding your Task checklist item
    • Type (required field) : Select a Type from your pre-existing list (Note: This drop-down can also be customized by your Site Admin.  The customization is done by accessing Administration > Reference > Loan > Note/Task Types).
    • Sort Order:  This provides the ability to assign the order of how it will appear in the Task listing.  This number does not get adjusted should you wish to insert a newer task at a later time.  You would need to manually alter the sort order.  You can leave it at 0 if the order does not matter.
    • Task Due In Days: Provides the ability to specify the number of days that should be added to the date once it is assigned to the loan.
    • Assigned To: The drop-down for this field has role types assigned to it.  Depending on the entries you have in your Partner Contact menu for a loan, the task would be automatically assigned to the individual occupying that role.  This field can be left as - Not Set - if you're not sure who would be working on the task.
    • Each task item / checklist item will have it's own setting to apply (Example: if you have 10 items to add to the task list you will need to Add 10 records each individually)
    • After you have added your task/checklist item click Save.



After adding all of your tasks to your Task List, your view should look something like below:



Accessing the Task List from within a loan:

  • Access the Notes/Tasks Menu > Tasks tab
  • Click on Add Task List
  • Task List (Required field): Select the Task List you have added from the drop-down list
  • Start Date: Task Due Dates will be based on this date
  • Add Task: Click Add Tasks to Add your Task List to the loan



Your Task List has been added - your view should look as below:


Use the Gear Wheel Export to Excel / Export to PDF feature to export the Task List:




Did you know?  Your newly created Task List can be used within Checklists you create showing the updates as shown on the Ventures interface.  This would be done via the Web Templates module.

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