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Using the Tracking > Disbursements menu with Payments
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Before using the Tracking menu > Disbursements with Payments+, please review the KB article Using the Tracking menu > Disbursements to learn how the Disbursements menu works. This article will show users that have Payments (non 504 payment processing add-on module) how to:

- Link funds already disbursed in the payment account back to the Tracking > Disbursements menu

- Automatically disburse funds to the payment account from within the Tracking menu > Disbursements menu 


STEP 1: Board Payment Account

  • Make sure you have the payment account boarded and disbursed with the initial disbursement. You will not be able to disburse funds to a payment account that has not been boarded.
  • You will know if the payment account has not been boarded when you add a disbursement record and you see the following message: Loan not boarded. You should board the loan if you want to track this disbursement in Payments Tracking.


STEP 2:  Link your first disbursement record to the payment account record

  • Go to Tracking > Disbursements and click on the disbursement record that matches the intial disbursement in the payment account. 
  • Go to the Associated Payment Tracking Disbursement section and select the corresponding disbursement that matches the payment account in the Linked Disbursement field.
  • Click Save.

  • You will know the disbursement has been linked by seeing the checkmark in the Linked column of the Disbursements grid.
  • You can repeat this step for other disbursements that have been disbursed in the payment account but not yet linked to the Disbursements grid.


STEP 3: Record Disbursements simultaneously in Tracking > Disbursements and Payments > Transactions menus

  • Create a new disbursement (See KB article Using the Tracking menu > Disbursements).
  • Select Create New Disbursement in the Linked Disbursement field and confirm the Disbursed On date is correct.
  • Click Save.

  • You can confirm the disbursement was recorded correctly if you have the disbursement showing as linked in Tracking > Disbursements AND if the disbursement has the transaction recorded in the Payments > Transactions menu.

  • You can repeat this step until all funds have been disbursed.

***Important to Note***

-If the payment account has other transactions posted after the date you are adding a disbursement record on in the Tracking > Disbursements menu, you will throw an error. 

-If all funds have been disbursed within the payment account, you will throw an error when adding a disbursement and selecting Create a Disbursement  from the Tracking > Disbursements menu.

-If you delete the disbursement transaction from the payment account, it will unlink the disbursement record in the Tracking > Disbursements menu, but not delete it.

-If you delete the disbursement record from the Tracking > Disbursements menu, it will not remove the record from payment account.


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