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How to reflect a Subordination in Ventures (504)
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This KB article will show you how to represent a subordination in the Financing Menu of a 504 loan. 


  • In the Financing Menu, go the the Financing Tab
  • Click on TPL record 

  • Update the Lender and Lender Contact Field record to reflect the new TPL and contact
  • You will leave the following in place:
    • Original TPL and Contact in the Funding Lender/Contact field
    • Original loan terms in the Loan tab

  • From the TPL record, click on the Servicing Tab
  • Update the information in the Servicing Tab to match the new TPL's information and click Save


In my example below, you can see what your financing tab should like if there was a subordination. My record shows:

   1) The current Lender in first position is Bank of Brittany

   2) The Funding TPL of this loan was Bank of Costa Rica

   3) The original terms of the loan are shown in the loan tab

   4) The current Lender's loan information is recorded and can be updated in the Servicing tab of the TPL record


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