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Installing the Authorization Wizard on a new workstation
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If you receive a new workstation and need to create Authorizations for SBA programs (504 and 7a), you will need to reinstall the Authorization Wizard templates on the new workstation before you can create any new Authorizations. In this article, we will describe the basic steps of installing the templates and configuring Microsoft Word to complete the wizard. Since each workstation is different and each organization's IT policy is different, you may need to get assistance from your IT provider.


  1. Download the Ventures MSI installers onto the new workstation.
    1. Click HERE for 504 install tool OR
    2. Click HERE for 7a install tool
    3. Please note that your browser may prevent you from downloading the MSI files in the links above. If you are unable to download the installers, please contact your IT vendor/personnel for assistance in downloading these files. There is a high likelihood that if you are unable to download the installers, you would also not be able to install the files without the assistance of your IT vendor/personnel.
  2. Once downloaded, run the MSI installers and allow the program to install the templates. Most new workstations will be running the latest copy of Windows which may have extra security features. If the MSI installers are unable to install the templates, you can manually copy and paste the files into the correct Windows directory. You can find the necessary files in the SBA File Library:
  3. Configure Word to work with the Authorization. This requires disabling some Word settings. See the image below for SBA's recommended settings.
  4. Reboot your computer. If your workstation is running Windows 10, make sure that all updates are installed when you reboot.
  5. Download a new Authorization Wizard from Ventures and attempt to run the document. If your templates have been installed correctly, you will see messages stating that the macros are loading.
  6. After the macros finish loading your Authorization, you may receive a Run Time Error 4248. At this time, you can ignore this error as it doesn't appear to affect completing the wizard.
  7. Verify that you can double click Update to bring up the wizard screens for data entry. If the wizard does not pop up, you will need to confirm the files are in the correct directory (Step 2) and verify that Windows is not blocking macros from loading.
  8. Try to complete the first section of the Authorization to verify you do not receive any errors. If you receive any errors before completing the first section of the wizard, there may be other settings on your workstation that are preventing the wizard from working properly.
  9. If you receive no errors, then everything has been installed and configured correctly.


For further troubleshooting, please review the Authorization troubleshooting KB Article here: SBA Authorization Issues & FAQs.

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