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How to Add/Remove Board Members
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You can track Board Approvals in Ventures in the Loan Analysis > Approval menu.

  • You can add a board member to the loan's Board Approvals section by clicking Add+ .



  • If the Board Member already has a contact record created in the system, then begin typing the name until they appear in the dropdown menu and select. 
  • If the Board Member is not in the system, then start typing out their name, and select the hyperlinked Add New . This will bring you to the VCard of the new contact. You will want to fill out the required information, and any additional information you want to document, and click Save.




  • Finish filling out the Add Loan Approval record and click Save. You can view a successful creation of a Board Approval record in the below screenshot.



  • To Remove a Board Approvals record, click on the X next to the Contact's name.



***You can view all board members in Ventures by clicking on the Contacts main menu and selecting Board Member in the Roles dropdown menu.***


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