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Tracking Screen Out Reasons and Customizing Reasons
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Ventures offers a method for you to capture reasons your loan may have been "Screened Out" by SBA.  The table labeled Screen Out Reasons (within SBA Submissions menu) is for internal purposes only.  By reviewing the 'reasons' a loan may have been screened out you could possibly enhance upon or pin-point some areas within your organization that could be improved upon.  For example, if your loans are constantly getting screened out due to missing submission documents you may want to use the option of Missing Documents.  On a quarterly basis you could run a report against the data entered in the table and perhaps review what steps can be taken to solve for the continuing screen out reason.



If the list of existing options does not quite fit what you're trying to capture you could edit the list within the Administration menu.  To customize your Reasons:


  1. Click on Administration menu (Site Administrator specific menu)
  2. Click on the Reference  menu on the left hand side of the screen
  3. Click on the SBA menu 
  4. Click on the Screen Out Reasons
  5. Click the Green Add button to add a new Reason
  6. Create your Reason



View the recently added Screen Out option from within a Loan > SBA Submission > Screen Outs > Add


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