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Adding and Configuring Merge Fields in Web Templates
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Whether you have created a new web template or converted over an existing Word document, the reason you are creating this document is so that you can use the data within every project to auto-populate (similar to a Word Merge). 


Adding Merge Fields to your Document

The process of adding merge fields is a straightforward process.

  1. Place the cursor or click your mouse on the the part of the document that will contain the merge field.
  2. Use the down arrow to bring up the list of available merge fields. If you know the name of your merge field, you can begin typing it in the Search bar.


TIP: Use the HELP page to search for a merge field if you are unsure if it is available in Web Templates. If you are using a Windows workstation, using the CTRL+F keyboard command will bring up the search window to allow you to search by a specific word. NOTE: The HELP page only shows the data for Loan Documents and not any merge fields for Sub Templates.


Configuring the Merge Fields in your Document

Adding merge fields is just the beginning of the process. Once you add a merge field, there may be several options to configure they type of data or how the data is presented on the document. To see if a merge field has these options, click on the merge field after it has been added to the document. Below are common types of merge fields with configuration options.

  • Name fields - Fields that display a Name can be configured to display a certain Case formatting.

  • Date fields - Date fields also have display formatting options. Additionally, you can use a date field to perform a calculation and show a different date when merged. For instance, you could configure the Funded Date merge field to show the first day of the following month instead of the actual Funded Date.


  • Numerical Fields - Just like the Name and Date fields, there are several formatting options that can be used for numerical fields.

  • -Not Set- - These are parameter merge fields which require the user to specifically choose what type of data to display. Some Parameters can also be configured as Document printing Criteria.

  • Sub Templates - Sub Templates are a special kind of merge field that will display multiple records and some can be configured to filter those records.

  • Signature - This is another special merge field that has configuration options specific to generating a signature block on the document.


Once your merge fields have been added, it is recommended that you use the Preview button to verify that the merge fields you have chosen are showing the data you wish to show and in the correct formatting.

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