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Processing Ticklers in Bulk
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You can process Ticklers in bulk in the Reports & Letters menu.


  • Click on Reports & Letters
  • When the Reports & Letters section loads, click Ticklers  in the menu on the left. 
  • Click Ticklers in the submenu that appears.


The ticklers page will load. It will display all Ticklers in your Portfolio. Note that the Status filter will default to Due.



  • Use the filters to filter the list of ticklers to display ticklers you want to process.  You can filter by tickler status, type, the action associated with the tickler, and for loan types. Clicking the funnel icon will result in further filter fields. You can also use the search bar to search for specific ticklers.



Once you have filtered the table to display ticklers you want to process:


  • Select the ticklers you want to process by clicking on the check box in their corresponding row. A check mark will appear indicating the tickler has been selected. You can use the master check box at the top of the column to select all ticklers listed. If you select a tickler that you do not wish to include, click the box again to remove the check mark.
  • Once you have made your selections, click Process. A pop up will appear



  • The pop up will contain a summary of how many ticklers are selected and what actions will occur when the bulk process takes place. In our example we have selected three ticklers, each with a different processing action. The pop up will list the actions and the number of ticklers associated with each action.
  • Next you have four options to make choices for: ​​​​​​
    • Preview Mode: Selecting Yes allows you to view the relevant documents associated with the Tickler without Processing/Advancing the Tickler.
    • Combine Like Emails: Selecting Yes allows you to send a single email with all documents addressed to the same contact as attachments.  For example: if you have an insurance broker/agent that services 5 loans in your portfolio they will receive 1 email with 5 attachments instead of 5 separate emails if this is set to Yes.
    • Force Print Mode: Select Yes to download documents instead of email when your action is set to email. 
    • Format: Select the format in which you'd like to send the document or view the document.  (Tip: if emailing a document choose PDF as the format).
  • Once you have set your preferences click Continue to proceed with processing your ticklers. You can also select Cancel to exit the screen without continuing with the bulk process.



When you click Continue, the ticklers will process. You will see a loading bar, depending on the amount of ticklers you are processing this may take a few minutes. Once the process completes, a summary pop up will appear. The summary will list the actions that occurred along with any actions the user needs to take to process a tickler. In our example we had three ticklers selected. One with an email action, one with a phone call and one that was an internal reminder. In the summary we can see the email was created, and we have two ticklers in the pop up that require further information from the user.


  • Click the edit icon next to each tickler to enter information for their respective action types. 



When you click on the edit icon, the pop up will change depending on if the tickler is an internal reminder type or a phone call type.

  • The pop up will allow you to enter notes regarding the phone call, or generic notes for internal reminder ticklers.
  • Click Mark as Complete in the pop up to mark the tickler as processed.



  • You will return to the pop up. You will see a strike through the action indicating data has been entered for it. 



  •  Once you finish going through any actions you need to complete for ticklers listed, click Ok.





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