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Creating/Adding a User Account
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To add a new user you must be a Site Administrator for your Ventures site.  


  1. Click on Administration
  2. Click on User Access
  3. Click on Users
  4. Click Add above the User Accounts list.
  5. Complete the fields on the Add User Account window using the following guidelines:
    • Enter a user name for the user’s login information.
    • To add a contact name, start typing the name in the field and then select Add New…. Complete the fields in the Add window, and then click Save. A unique email address is required for each user.
    • Select the job roles for a user. The job roles determine which personnel fields the user can be assigned to for a loan.
    • Select the permission set to assign the user’s permissions.

    6. Click Save. The system automatically sends an email to the user with login instructions


You can also watch this video for a visual on how to create a New User Account on your Ventures platform:


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