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Table Wizard Options for Cells

When creating table, you will have several options to customize how your table cells will look and behave. Some of these options will be explained in this article. After adding a table into your document, you can access the wizard by using the Table Wizard button. ![][1] Select the Cell tab of the wizard to view yo…

Release Notes - 2023-03-16

**![][1]** **March 15th, 2023 Announcements** **Ventures** * * * **UPDATES to Job Tracking Capability** **ALL LENDERS** There have been a few updates to our Job Tracking feature that you will want to be aware of. * The **Eligibility > General > Jobs menu** will now only show the "**Origination" record**. Pr…

Customizing Project Costs

Site Administrators can customize the drop-down options available within the **Financing **> **Project Costs** tab for the various loan types they may have within their organization. To customize: * Click on **Administration.** * Click on **Reference .** * Click on **Loan.** * Click on **Cost Types.** * Cli…

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