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Table Wizard Options for Cells
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When creating table, you will have several options to customize how your table cells will look and behave. Some of these options will be explained in this article.


After adding a table into your document, you can access the wizard by using the Table Wizard button.


Select the Cell tab of the wizard to view your options. Use the Select All Cells checkbox if your customization affects all cells.


1. Cell Width and Height - Control the size of the cells in regards to the size of your table. There are three ways to set the sizes of each cell. You can use a % of the table size, you can use a number of pixels (px), or you can use the em option which is relative to your font size.


2. Cell Margin and Padding - Control the amount of space between your text and the cell borders. The amount of space available will depend on the font size of your text.


3. Alignment - Control the alignment of the text in your cell.


4. Background - You can fill in the background of a cell with a color by using this option to select a color. The default setting is a transparent background.


5. Border - There are two options here. The first option determines the thickness of the border. The higher the number, the thicker the border. The next option allows you to select a color for the border.


6. Border Style - This option allows you to choose the type of border you want (ie solid line, dotted line, etc).


7. Wrap Text - This allows the text to create a new line when it reaches the cell border so that your cells maintain the width you have set for it.

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