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Where do the 504 Servicing Fees populate from?

The Servicing Fee's populate from the **Financing > Financing** tab > 504 **Debenture** record. If any of the fees shows are incorrect you can override the fees by clicking on the **Override CDC Fee%** and/or **Override SBA Servicing Fee%**. ![Servicing Fees within a Loan][1] The fees displayed on this page are set …

Pre-populated cells in Financial Statements

There are certain fields that are pre-populated for you in a Financial Statement. If you click within the cell and then click on the hyperlinked **Learn More** option, you will launch a Help box showing where the data comes from within Ventures for each field that pre-populates. ![][1] ![][2] In the example above, …

Why aren't my Closing Fees merging properly onto the Servicing Agent Agreement?

The Closing Fees that merge onto the Servicing Agent Agreement (SBA Form 1506) are taken from the fields within **Financing **> **SBA 504 Debenture Record** > **Closing Fees & Costs** tab. You will notice that the **Rate** column is a user-editable column showing the fees. Make corrections as-needed so that fees merge…

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