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Tracking and Generating Payoff Requests

You can record payoff requests in any Loan Category Type (504, 7A, Commercial) within the **Tracking** menu > **Payoff Requests** sub menu. The loan will need to be in FUNDED status in order to view the menu. ![][1] _How to create a payoff request tracking record:_ 1) Click +Add 2) Enter Estimate Request date ***R…

Recording UCC information

Users are able to record UCC filings related to their projects. Within the **Collateral** menu > **non real estate collateral** type record > **Lien Recording** tab, check off the UCC Filing box to open up recording information fields. * If Type is set to Initial Filing, then after entering a Filing Date and tabbin…

Add and Track Tasks

**Q: How do I add and assign a task?** A: Tasks can only be assigned to a Ventures user within a loan record. Ventures does not have a feature to notify the user when a Task has been assigned, the system assumes that the users are manually checking their Tasks to ensure Tasks have or have not been assigned. Within a…

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