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Tracking and Generating Payoff Requests
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You can record payoff requests in any Loan Category Type (504, 7A, Commercial) within the Tracking menu > Payoff Requests sub menu. The loan will need to be in FUNDED status in order to view the menu.


How to create a payoff request tracking record:

1) Click +Add

2) Enter Estimate Request date ***Required Field***

3) Enter any other information you want to record

4) Click Save

5) You will now see a record of the payoff request in the grid


Suggested merge fields:

Web Templates (add-on module to customize system documents or create own documents) merge fields:

You can use the Payoff Request merge field within Web Templates to pull the information entered in the menu into your custom document. After selecting the Payoff Request merge field, go into the Template Designer and click on the merge field to further specify what data point you want (Parameter's Fields).


Suggested Report Fields

Report Fields:

You can report on the data entered in this menu using the fields listed in the Loan Pay Off Requests category in Fields tab of a report.



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