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HTML Error: Copying and pasting text into Narratives

Users need to be cognizant when copying and pasting text into Ventures narrative boxes. Copying and pasting text into the narrative can bring in hidden characters or elements that the user may not see. This could cause an error when generating documents or reports that include narrative boxes fields/merge fields. An e…

Gateway Common Error Messages

**Validation Returned** **Issue** **Resolution** Data Push Success, Document Failure ![][1] The application was pushed to Ventures and a record has been created, however a document, or some documents, have not been pushed over to the record. This is because certain Gateway Document types have not been mapped to Doc…

PPP Applications and Forgiveness Applications: Common Validations FAQ

Please see attached cheat sheets to review and correct common PPP 2021 Application Validations and common Forgiveness Application Validations.

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