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Edit Ventures+ account username

*****Editing a username / user data requires Site Administrator Permissions***** Instructions to change or update a user account's username: 1) Go to **Administration** Menu > **User Access** > **Users** (left side menu) 2) Locate the user account and click on the Name hyperlink (Tip: use the search field to search…

Can I add a date field in Ventures?

You can add custom fields including dates to the **Loan Log** or other standard objects, or any custom objects you would like. [Click here for an in- depth KB and video covering standard objects like the Loan Log, custom objects, custom fields and how to add them.][1] To add a custom field to the Loan Log, you will n…

Adding a Task List

Ventures gives you the ability to create your own internal checklists for checks & balances against any process. **Task Lists** may be created to assign multiple tasks at once. Create your own "virtual" checklists for: * Different loan programs; * Stages of the process; and/or * Internal Audit checklists All *…

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