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Setting up Deferments in Payment Accounts

Please read the full article before making any changes. Go to **Payments > Transactions** menu to begin. _FULL DEFERMENT/NO PAYMENTS_ 1) First confirm the **Total Amount Due** is correct. a. If the month of the payment being deferred has already been billed, void out or delete the billing statement. ![][1] b. If …

Release Notes - 2023-02-01

**![][1]** **February 1st, 2023** **Announcements** # **Ventures+** * * * # # *****MUST READ***** **_New Enhancement _** **EXPANDED JOB TRACKING CAPABILITY** We are excited to announce we have added new functionality for Job Tracking. This enhancement includes the ability to allow Lenders to track job numbers…

Payments+ Adjustment Transaction Types

This article will explain what each _Adjustment_ transaction type can adjust within your borrower's payment account. There are 3 transaction types that are labelled as **Adjustment:** * Total Amount Due * Due Date * Interest Paid to Date ![][1] What does the **Adjustment: Total Amount Due** transaction type c…

Payments+ 1098 Report

**Part 1 - Tracking borrowers that are 1098 recipients** The Lender will need to identify which payment accounts require IRS 1098 reporting. There is a helpful report, located in Reports & Letters, to assist in identifying potential 1098 reporting borrowers called **"Payments: Potential 1098 Reporting."** This report…

Payments+ Generating Annual Interest Letters

For Payments+ users (non504 payment processing module) only. The attached workbook will show you how to generate Annual Interest Letters and explain the mapping of the information within the letter.

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