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Payments Actions Menu > History menu

When processing actions in bulk within Payments, you will be able to view a history of bulk actions performed. This history record shows what user initiated the action, when the action was performed, and the results of the processed bulk action. This is a great auditing tool if you need to research an issue or if you …

Payments: What to Expect after you Board your Loan

This video will show you what you can expect to see in your Payments loan menu after you have boarded a loan:

Payments Payment Transaction Types

This article will explain what each _Payment_ transaction type can be posted to a borrower's payment account. There are 3 transaction types that are labelled or referencing **Payment**: 1. Payment 2. Principal Only 3. Prepaid interest ![][1] Using the Payment Transaction Type * The Payment transaction allo…

Schedule Future Transactions: Irregular payment schedules and Seasonal loans

**OVERVIEW** In order to schedule future transactions, go to **Payments** > **Schedule Transactions**. You can access this menu and add scheduled transactions at any time - even if the borrower’s repayment period has already started. ![][1] **Schedule Transactions Grid** ![][2] **+Add button** A) Use this butto…

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