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Importing Data to LaserPro Import Connect

Ventures has an add-on module which allows you to import data to the LaserPro Import Connect. The attached handout will show the steps that are taken:

Unable to Import a File

We received a file to import but it's not importing. Why is that? **Possible Reason 1** * Ventures import is a one-way import. You cannot overwrite an already existing loan if its in your database. Try deleting the loan record within your database and re-import the file. CAUTION: Deleting a loan cannot be undone. …

Bulk Import: Delinquent Property Taxes field mapping

When using the Property Tax Template from the Utilities area to do bulk imports of delinquent property taxes, you will notice that there are certain columns that are highlighted in yellow on the template. These columns are the only ones that will map to the Tracking > Property Taxes area. In this article, we will show…

Loan Import/Export Feature within Ventures

Ventures allows for a one-way import of data from another Ventures platform. The attached hand-out will show you the steps for exporting the data and importing it to another Ventures platform.

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