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Bulk Import: Delinquent Property Taxes field mapping
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When using the Property Tax Template from the Utilities area to do bulk imports of delinquent property taxes, you will notice that there are certain columns that are highlighted in yellow on the template. These columns are the only ones that will map to the Tracking > Property Taxes area. In this article, we will show where each of these highlighted fields is mapped to the Ventures screen.


Column Name Ventures Field
Loan ID

SBA Loan Number/Loan Number

(NOTE: This is the identifier used to match the Excel with the correct project in Ventures)


Contract Number

Tax ID Comments: Parcel Number
DLQ (D or P)


D = Delinqent

P = Current

Delq Amt Amount Due
Year Range Tax Period Year
Search Tax Report Date
Note Code Short Desc Comments: Import Notes
Crit Msg Comments: Critical Message


















NOTE: The three columns for Tax ID, Note Code Short Desc and Crit Msg will all combine into one Comment in Ventures.


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