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How do I copy an existing Loan?
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You can copy an existing loan to create a new loan by using the Copy button in Utilities. Within a loan, access the Utilities area of your Loan Menu (left side menu). Use the Copy button to copy that loan's data into a new loan in Ventures.

  • NOTE: Financial Statements will not be copied but you can use the "Copy Periods" option in the new loan (Analysis > Financial Statements > Add > Copy Periods) to bring over existing Financial Statement data from a prior loan.
  • NOTE: The Financing screen does not copy.
  • NOTE: For 504 Loans the LOAN TERM will need to be reset in order for the underwriters fee to recalculate.
  • NOTE: Review the Copying Financial Statements from another project KB Article for steps on how to copy the Financial Statements over to your newly copied loan.


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