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Form 1919 Update
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SBA has updated form 1919. There is a mapping guide for the form attached to this KB article.

In Ventures you will be able to input data to merge in the new form with records that have not been submitted to ETRAN or that have a submittal date of 12/26/2023 or later. Loans with a submittal date of 12/25/2023 or earlier will retain the previous 1919 related questions UI in Ventures. 

If you need to generate the old form with a record that does not have a submittal date, you can generate it from the Documents menu (see instructions below). You may need to adjust some values in the Applicant questions section since they are different in the new form. 

To fill in information for the newest version of the 1919 form in a 7A loan, you must have an Entity entered:

  • Click on Entities in the Overview menu on the left.
  • Click the name of the Entity you need to enter 1919 information for.



  • The Entities page will load. Click the SBA 1919 tab.
  • Go through and fill in the answers to the questions.
  • Click Save when you finish.

You can generate the 1919 form at the bottom of this page:

  • Click the Generate Form 1919 button. The form will generate and start downloading.

You can generate the form in the Questionnaire section of the Eligibility Overview menu:

  • Click Eligibility
  • Click Questionnaire in the submenu that appears



  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Generate Form 1919 button


You can also generate the form from your Documents area:

  • Click on Documents in the overview menu on the left.
  • Click Generate in the submenu that appears
  • Use the search bar to search for the form.
  • Fill in the checkbox next to the form.
  • Click Generate.


  • If there are multiple companies as Applicants (EPC/OC, Co Borrowers, etc.) on the loan, multiple copies of the form are created. They are appended one after the other into a single form.
  •  Additional pages are created for the owners grid when there are more than five owners and for the owner demographics when there is more than one owner. Both sections will reflect 100% ownership of Applicant.


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