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Merged Documents from Ventures showing codes
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After merging some documents from within Ventures some clients report that merge codes are visible on their documents as shown on the snapshot below.  This happens when a combination of 2 keys have been typed, namely the  ALT and F9 keys.  To turn off the merge codes and only view the final product the solution would be to click on the ALTF9 keys within the document. 


Snapshot of Merge Codes


Option 2: This should also clear the issue with the Authorization document showing macros instead of the Update button:


  • Close all instances of Word and Open a blank Word Document 
  • Within Word, click on File > Options > Advanced
  • Scroll down to Show Document Content section
  • Make sure the Show field codes instead of their values checkbox is not checked
  • Click OK
  • Try merging your document again


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