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Race and Gender Dropdown options
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We have made changes to the dropdown menu options for race and gender selection. This includes adding some options, and separating options that were previously grouped together. This is to comply with Transaction Level Reporting requirements. 




We have ensured that this change does not impact your 504/7(a) operations. Below is how we mapped the new options to ensure they still comply with 504/7(a) requirements:


New Options in Race Dropdown Maps to for 504/7(a) Maps to for TLR
Alaskan Native American Indian/Alaskan Native  ALASKAN
American Indian American Indian/Alaskan Native  AMIND
Native Hawaiian Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander HAWAIIAN
Other Pacific Islander Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander PACIFIC
Other Not Disclosed OTHER


New Option in Gender Dropdown Maps to 504/7(a) Maps to TLR
Other Not Disclosed OTHER




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