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Release Notes - 2023-04-12
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April 12th, 2023



Custom Financial Statements
Your Site Admins can now customize Company Financial Statements Balance Sheet and Income Statement rows, and customize Personal Statement’s Personal Finances and Personal Cash Flow rows. We have also added some exciting analysis features, like Trend Analysis percentages and EBIT/EBITDA calculations, to name a few. Please visit our Custom Financial Statement Hub Page to find a complete overview of what’s new! 


If you are interested in keeping all your Financial Templates as they were before our feature was released. Please review KB article Keeping Templates as they were and Credit Memo Options to see some steps you will need to take. 


Credit Memo Updates
Thank you for your patience as VLT corrects issues, and updates what gets merged to rows, when generating the credit memo from your Financial Statements. The following changes have been made and bugs have been resolved:

  • Proforma common size percentages are now printing to the credit memo. Previously, the Proforma common size percentage was printing 0% for all rows.
  • The “Debt - Other existing obligations” expense amount in the Personal Discretionary Income (PDI) section is the summation of Debt Service Group Type rows, except Personal Debt: Residence row and Proposed New Debt row types.
  • The “Other (see Comments)” expense amount in the Personal Discretionary Income (PDI) section is the summation of Expense Group Type rows, except Living Expenses Row Type.

Specialized Narrative and updated bookmark in Credit Memo

  • NEW: In the Eligibility > General Menu > Public Policy tab, for 504 and Commercial category type loans, a narrative box has been added to the Specialized section. Additionally, the Eligibility Specialized bookmark has been added to related 504/Commercial System Credit Memos. If there is data in the Narrative, it will merge to the credit memo. The lender does not need to check off any check boxes in the section in order for the Narrative to merge.
  • UPDATE: The Eligibility Specialized bookmark has been updated to include Opportunity Zone designation in the merge if checked off. Opportunity Zone designation will no longer print in the Eligibility Public Policy section/bookmark. This bookmark will also merge all other Specialized designations that are checked by the lender. If there are no Specialized designations or values in the Specialized Narrative box, the bookmark will not print anything to the Credit Memo.




If you are interested in keeping the Specialized section from merging to your credit memo, please follow these instructions:

  • Go to Reports & Letters > Web Templates
  • Search for Credit Memo you want to update. System memos with Eligibility Specialized bookmark: SLPC CM, Ventures Credit Memo Commercial, Ventures CM, and Ventures Micro Loan CM
  • Copy the credit memo using the double page icon 
  • Remove “Eligibility Specialized” bookmark 
  • Click Save

Job Tracking
All Lenders: There have been a few updates recently to our Job Tracking feature that you will want to be aware of. Please read the changes HERE.
504 Lenders: We heard feedback from our 504 Lenders and have made some adjustments to how the "Jobs at 2 Years" record works in the Tracking > Jobs Tracking menu. Please review KB article Jobs Tracking, for a summary of the updated information.


Etran Loan Authorization 504 Lenders
Did you know you can generate the Etran Loan Authorization directly from Ventures?  View the KB article and video labeled Generating the Etran SBA 504 Authorization from Ventures to learn more!  Questions?  Use the Contact Support widget located on the upper right portion of Ventures.


PPP Menu updates
The Applications & Loans menu in Utilities > PPP Loans menu has been renamed to Applications (Retired) and has been removed of email functionality. This menu was originally for PPP applications and is no longer active. We have retained the information in this menu for auditing purposes, however.



The following changes have been made to the Apply portal.

  • The “Loan” reference has been replaced with “Application”
  • The “Borrower” reference has been replaced with “Applicant”
  • The “Loan Amount” reference has been replaced with “Requested Amount”



For faster response times and to ensure proper tracking of your inquiries please continue to use the Contact Support Widget to submit any Ventures inquiries.

Have new staff, need a Ventures refresher? Access the Foundational Webinar Series recorded sessions.

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