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Document Storage in your Loan
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Let's look at how documents are organized in your loan. From the main page of the loan:

  • Click on the Documents option in the Loan menu on the left, then click Store from the sub menu that appears. The store page is where you can add, edit, merge or delete documents from the loan.

To add a document you have a few options:

  • Click the add button, a pop up will appear,
  • Select your Document Type. You can select from the drop down menu or you can use the field as a search field.
  • Fill out if its associated with an entity or contact, the field will update based on the Document Type selected.
  • Add a description.
  • Then you can use the select file option to browse your files and upload them, or you can drag and drop documents directly here.
  • Either way once the document uploads, you will see a confirmation message that says "Done". Click Save


  • If you do not see the appropriate type for the document, the type may need to be created. Only system administrators can create document types, for instructions on how to add a document type, please refer to our Knowledge Base article here.
  • Another option is to drag and drop your documents directly to the page without clicking on the add button. You can do this with multiple documents at the same time. Select all the documents you want to add, and drag them to the page. The system will automatically upload all the documents. Then a pop up will appear asking you to fill in information for each document. The file name will be filled in automatically, you can edit it as needed. Fill in a Type, select the Entity or Contact the file is associated with and enter a description if you wish. Click on save and next to enter the data for the next document and so on till you finish adding information for all the documents you dragged and dropped. Remember two fields are required, the type, and the file name.

  • In the doc store area clicking on the thumbnail will give you a preview of your document, using the arrows on either side will allow you to preview the next document. You can use the arrows at the bottom of the preview to preview different pages of the document. From the preview you can download the document. You can also download the document using the download icon next to each document name.

  • Clicking the document name will result in a pop up appearing allow you to edit the information associated with the document.


  • You can select multiple documents using the check box column. This will allow you to perform functions like downloading files or deleting files in bulk. If you select multiple files for download, the download will be a zipped file containing the individual documents.

  • You can merge documents by selecting the documents you would like to merge. It is important to note that the order of the merged document will match the order you selected the documents to be merged. The first document will appear first, the second will appear second and so on. Once your selection is made click merge. A pop up will appear. Fill out the document information for the new document created by merging. You can use the merge order section to drag and drop the documents in the order you want them to be merged. When you finish click the merge button. Merging documents does not delete the older documents you will still be able to access them.

  • To delete a document select it by filling in the check box associated with it then click the delete button. A pop up will appear confirming that you want to delete the document. Click delete to continue with deleting the document.

  • If you need to recover a document you have deleted, you can switch from the active to the deleted queue. Use the drop down box to switch between the two queues.
  • To restore a document from the delete queue, select them using the check box associated with them then click the restore button, a confirmation pop up will appear click restore, and the documents should be restored to your active queue.

For assistance with uploading your documents to ETRAN please view our Knowledge Base article here. 

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