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Document Tags and Document Types
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You must be a site administrator to create document tags and document types.


Document Tags

Tags represent a group of documents. It allows you to filter documents based on the tag you assign to said documents. To create a document tag, you must be a site administrator.

  • Click on the administration menu option at the top of the screen.

  • Once the administration menu loads, click reference in the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Click documents from the submenu that appears. Clicking documents will reveal another sub menu where you can select document tags.

  • The document tags page is where you can create, edit and delete document tags. To add a new tag click the green add button.

  • When you click it a pop up appears. In the pop up you can name the tag you are creating. This is the only required field. You can also add a description but it is not necessary to do so. When you finish click the green save button. The pop up will disappear and you should see the tag you created in the list of tags.

Site administrators can also delete tags. You will notice a button with an X on it next to each tag.

  • To delete a tag click the X button next to the tag.

  • A pop up will appear informing you that if the tag has already been used to tag a document in your system, you will need to choose a replacement for it. If you have not used the tag yet, do not select anything in the pop up, just click the delete button.

  • If you have used the tag on any documents, you should replace it by selecting a new one from the drop down menu. The menu should contain all of your other tags. Selecting one from the drop down menu will replace the tag you are deleting, with your selected one. Once you make a selection click the delete button.



Document Types

Document types allow you categorize documents, and map documents to ETRAN as needed. Documents are required to have a type. Only system administrators can create document types. We have a reference table available here showing commonly mapped documents. 

  • From the administration menu, click reference menu option in the menu on the left side of your screen, then click Documents from the sub menu that appears. A further sub menu will appear, from there select Document types.

This is where your document types are created and where they can be mapped to ETRAN if needed.

  • To begin click on the green add button. A pop up will appear where you can fill out details of the document type you are creating.

  • The only required field is the description, but the additional information is helpful to have.
  • Make sure to check the active box! If you do not check the active box the type you are creating will not be available for selection.
  • The related entity field allows you to select whether the document is related to a specific entity, contact or both. You are required to set this If the document type is related to an entity or contact, for example a tax return. You do not have to fill it out if it is a general loan document not related to an entity/contact. 
  • The sort code allows you to sort or filter by assigned codes that you might have set up previously. This is optional. Sort codes were used before the introduction of tags to help sort documents. For example sort codes could be created such as A for application, C for closing, with a number after it (A-1, A-2, C-1,C-2) the documents can then be arranged in that order. 
  • Below the sort code field is the document tags field where you can add any of the document tags that we previously saw. This allows you to easily group documents in the documents store area.
  • The SBA Categories field is where you select which SBA documents the type you are creating corresponds to. You can select as many as you need. For example, if you select Life Insurance in the SBA Categories field, the system knows that any documents stored in Ventures with this type correspond to Life insurance documents required by SBA. When you are submitting your application, in the space to upload Life Insurance, the system will automatically fill in any documents that have been assigned this type. You can then select them or select other documents if you wish. It is important that you map the document to the correct SBA document type. We have a reference table available here showing commonly mapped documents. 
  • When you finish filling out the pop up make sure you click save!


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