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PPP Forgiveness - 60% Payroll Requirement Calculation
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The 60% Payroll Requirement calculation is to establish what could be the maximum amount based on 60% of the payroll cost.  The calculation is as follows:


  • Payroll Costs (Line 1) / .60


Within Ventures the interface will display as shown below (keep reading below the image):



  • This calculation establishes an amount and places it in Line 10
  • The actual forgiveness will be the smaller number of lines 8, 9 or 10


In this example:  The loan Amount is $35,000 (Line 9).  The borrower has $30,000 in Payroll Costs (Line 1).  The calculation would create an allowance of $50,000 (Line 10).  As currently displayed in the example they are not receiving full forgiveness yet based on the data entered as the $30,000 (Line 8) is the lesser of line 8, 9, 10.   If they have additional costs to enter in Lines 2-4 (non-payroll costs) that would be factored in and increase the amount of their Forgiveness.

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