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Payments: How to track one Loan Pool or Loan Fund per loan without Ownership module
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If you DO NOT have Payments: Ownership (add-on module), you can still track and report on a loan fund or loan pool if they funded/own 100% of the Amount Financed.


ACTION ONE- Set up Associated Transaction

1) Within the loan go to the Associated Transactions menu

2) Click +Add

3) Select Funding Source type and click Save


4) Click on hyperlink of newly created Funding Source record.

5) Fill out Source field and click save. If this is your first time adding the funding source, you will need to create a VCard record. If you have already created the record, then start typing the Funding Source name and the VCard will appear in the drop down menu



ACTION TWO- Customize your Payments reports to add Funding Source data point

1) Click on Reports & Letters.

2) Click on the double page icon next to an existing System or Custom report you want to COPY and customize. Rename, and hit SAVE.

3) Go to Field tab and click on Loan Associated Transaction under the Available Fields column.

4) Click on the Participant Company field, and drag and drop into the Selected Fields Column. Hit SAVE



5) Go to Results Tab and run your report. Note the additional column showing the Funding Source name. If you want the Report to group by Funding Source, then click on the Participant Company Header and drag and drop at the top of the report.



6) Repeat steps above for each report you want to track by Funding Source. 


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