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Bulk Letters - Generic Email option & notification of domain
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Are you sending out a Bulk Letter and would like to Inform your lenders and borrowers that the domain [email protected] is valid?  Follow the steps below:


1)  Within Reports & Letters click on Bulk Letters and find the letter you want to send out via email





2)  When prompted to merge your letter complete the required fields on the interface and select Email as the Destination (we recommend using PDF when emailing from within the platform)


3)  Select your Recipients by clicking on the checkbox next to their Reference Name.  Please note that an Email address will be required or you will throw an error.  



4)  Type a Subject Line and VERY IMPORTANT:  Within the Body of your Email you will be adding your request for information along with a sentence or two indicating the email they've received is being sent from an domain and to contact you at xxx if they have any questions as to its validity.



5)  Below is a snapshot of what the Recipient of the email sees:


Contact Ventures Support using the Contact Support widget located on the upper portion of Ventures for information on how to customize the Email Domain so that the "From" reflects your custom domain name when sending emails from Ventures.

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