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Credit Memo Personal Discretionary Income (PDI) section mapping to PFS

The **Personal Discretionary Income (PDI) **in the Credit Memo (CM) takes information from the **Personal Financial Statement (PFS) > Personal Cash Flow** tab in Ventures and sums the amounts into the respective CM income and expense rows. Below are tables of what rows in your PFS are apart of the amounts in the CM ro…

Release Notes - 2023-11-27

![][1] **NOVEMBER 27TH, 2023 ANNOUNCEMENTS** **VENTURES** * * * **Generating a Credit Memo UI changes** We have updated the look and feel of making your Financial Statement selections when generating a credit memo! You'll now see a list of each existing financial statement in the loan with buttons to select all…

Generating a Credit Memo

This article is also available as a Video: We have updated the screen where you generate credit memos. * To generate a credit memo, from the main page of the loan, click on Analysis in the loan menu on the left * Click credit memo from the sub menu that appears that appears. When the page loads you will see a …

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