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Gateway How to setup User Notifications for email and text options

This knowledge base article is also available as a video: Each Lender User and Third Party User is able to receive email, text, or both email and text notifications, when certain actions happen within their portal. They will need to set up the notifications within their Manage Account menu. Applicants will automatica…

Gateway Auto-Generated Emails

There are 7 auto-generated email templates in Gateway. These emails get sent when certain actions are taken. Your Site Admin can customize the verbiage on the 7 templates in Site Settings > Email Templates menu. **The 7 templates are:** * Application Decline * Generated when Lender changes application status …

Payments > Billing menu explained

![][1] 1. **Contact Method** - Select which method the borrower would like to receive their billing statement by: * **Mail** - Select this option if the borrower would like to receive their billing statement by mail. When generating billing statements in Payments > Actions > Generate Statements, the borrower's s…

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