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Gateway Notes

Within an Application's Summary page, a Lender can record comments related to the application in the Notes section. **Only Lender users will see and have access to the Notes section. **Third Party users and applicants will not see this section or be able to view/add notes. The notes that are recorded will be added to …

Why are there 2 areas for Notes

In Ventures you have the option to input loan notes for a loan. The **Notes** menu located directly above the **Overview** menu allows the user to view Notes without having to leave the specific loan menu. For example, if you were working on a financial statement and recalled that a tax return was stored in **Notes**…

Foundational Webinar: Ventures Administration

This is a previously recorded webinar that discusses a general overview of the Administration section. Please note that the Administration section of Ventures can only be accessed by each organization's assigned Site Administrators. Users may also download the Administration Overview workbook PDF attached to this arti…

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