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504 Lenders: Sending COVID-19 Deferments in bulk to CSA

During the 504 Connect Call on March 24, 2020 the CSA announced that it would be accepting bulk deferment requests from CDC’s. The following information should help you in generating an Excel spreadsheet to send to the CSA. ## Enhancements to Servicing Actions records Within the Servicing Record we have added 2 new …

Importing CSA ACH Rejects to Ventures

Ventures has a feature to import the ACH rejects from the CSA. The attached guide is a step-by-step guide on how to export data from the CSA and import to Ventures.

Importing CSA Loan Balances to Ventures

The attached guide is a step-by-step handout on how to download the CSA loan balances and import to Ventures. This manual update to Ventures must be done on a monthly basis for 504 loans.

1098 CSA Reporting (504 Lenders)

The CSA requires specific information from CDC's for the 1098 reporting. Please review this video and the attached handout for specific instructions.

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