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Showing articles from merge fields tag

Using a Sub-Template within a Master document

After you have created a Sub-Template you're ready to start using it within your master Web Document. Open your Web Document and select your _sub-template_ from the list of available fields in the **Search Merge Fields **drop-down. ![][1] After your field has been added to the Web Template document you can click on…

Is there a field for XXXXX in Web Templates?

There are hundreds of fields in Web Templates and no one is expected to know them all. To help users find fields a little faster, the fields for the main Document types can be found in the Help area. 1. Click on the Help icon in the toolbar menu. ![][1] 2. Please note the naming conventions used for Web Templa…

Configuring Merge Fields in Web Templates

**TIP:** [Use the HELP page to search for a merge field if you are unsure if it is available in Web Templates][1]. If you are using a Windows workstation, using the CTRL+F keyboard command will bring up the search window to allow you to search by a specific word. _NOTE: The HELP page only shows the data for Loan Docum…

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