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The Importance of Virtual Cards
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Contacts and Companies that you enter in Ventures all have a Virtual Card. Their Virtual Card is their “entry” or “record” in the system. Its important that you understand Virtual Cards and how they work as erroneously changing a virtual card can cause widespread changes throughout your Ventures systems.

Accessing Virtual Cards

There are two main ways to access a contact or company virtual card.

  • Using the Contact or Company menu.
  • From various spots throughout Ventures where the contact or company has been selected. In general, this is the main way users access Virtual Cards.

Using the Contact or Company Menu

  • Click on Contacts or Companies in the menu at the top of the screen, depending on the card you want to access.
  • The respective grids will load. Use the search bar to search for the contact/company whose card you want to access
  • When you find them in the grid, click on their hyperlinked name.



  • The pop up that appears is their Virtual Card.

Various areas throughout Ventures

Any field in which you select a contact, or company, will be hyperlinked. Click on the hyperlink to access the virtual card.


What happens if you change a Virtual Card?

Changing the Virtual Card alters the record for every loan associated with the card. It is of the utmost importance that you understand how to avoid accidentally altering a Virtual Card.

The most common scenario this occurs is when a user is trying to the change a company or contact in a field in the loan file. For example, let us look at the Partner Contacts page for a loan.

On the primary tab of the Partner Contact page, you have several fields to assign. In this example, we can see the Closing Law Firm has been set to Snooker Real Estate Law and the Closing Attorney is listed as Mark Selby.

There are fields like this throughout Ventures and this is the most common way people change Virtual Cards without realizing what they are doing.

If you need to change the Closing Law Firm, the Closing Attorney, or in general change the contact or company for any similar field in Ventures: 

  • Click the X icon next to the field you would like to change. This will delete the entry in the field and allow you to choose a new entry.

Do not click on the name and change the name in the pop up that appears. The pop up is the Virtual Card and by changing the name, or any other information within it, you are changing the Virtual Card for that contact/company across all of Ventures.

Always use the X icon to clear the field.






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