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Importing Documents for use in Web Templates
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The web templates page allows you to import, create and edit documents for use in Ventures. Ventures includes a variety of pre-built documents that you can use, but you can also create your own.

You can only import word documents to Ventures. Any other format will not work. It must be a .docx file.

Before you import your document, it can be helpful to go through and highlight areas where you want to insert merge fields. Merge fields are fields that will pull information from Ventures when you generate the document. This can be helpful later as you build your document in the Web Template builder. 

To import a document for use in Ventures:

  • Click on Reports & Letters in the main menu.
  • Click Web Templates in the menu on the left.
  • Click the Convert button.


  • Choose a custom category for the document. Your site administrator can add additional categories to this dropdown menu by following the instructions here.
  • Next choose which loan phases you want this document to be available for, you can select as many as you need to.
  • Finally select if you want to include images in your upload. If the file contains images and you want them included, keep the box checked.
    • Images on forms are usually the organizations logo. Ventures allows you to upload your organizations logo directly to Ventures, which can then be included on forms you generate. If the only image in the form is your company logo, please follow the instructions here on how to upload your logo. Uncheck the box to ensure there is no duplicate logo.
  • Use the select file button to choose the file you wish to upload, or drag and drop the file to the upload section of the pop up. The file will upload
  •  When it is successfully uploaded, click the convert button. 


  • The conversion process will occur and the Template designer page will load. You should see the document you imported in the large text field.
  • Rename the Template in the template name field. Click save to save the document. Now you are ready to build the template for use in Ventures.

Click here to learn how to use the Web Template Designer.

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