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Release Notes - 2023-07-05
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JULY 5TH, 2023



NEW - Search for a Report Field

Exciting news for all report builders and users! We have added a search box in the Reports > Fields tab to help users find specific fields to add to reports. The search query will look for field names. It will not look for any of the field category names, like "Contact Notes." Some fields will not have the same name as what is shown in the UI, so keep that in mind when searching. For instance, custom fields that use words such as “number” or “percentage” will show a “#” or “%” in the report field name, so a user would have to search "#" instead of "number" to pull in the correct result. Watch our short video HERE showing the process!



NEW - Custom Fields

You have been asking, and we have been listening! Ventures has added the ability for Site Administrators to create custom fields in Ventures! Not only will you be able to create a custom field, but additionally, the system will automatically create a report field for it, so that you can report on the data you want to see! You will be able to add custom fields to certain loan menus in Ventures, or create your own menu with custom fields within our new Custom Data loan menu. We have a quick overview video within our KB article HERE. We also have the recorded webinar that was held last week highlighting this feature and TLR feature, you can watch it HERE.


  • SITE ADMINS - Due to the custom fields enhancement, the Loan Log's Site Admin management menu, Date Types, has moved to the new Administration > Custom Data menu > Loan: Log. If you need to add any new Loan Log date fields, or edit current ones, you will need to access them in the new menu. All data was migrated over to the new menu and has not been changed. Previously, the Loan Log menu was located in the Administration > Reference > Loan > Date Types menu.




NEW - TLR Reporting

Ventures now supports Transaction Level Reporting!  CDFIs and CDEs use the CDFI Fund’s Awards Management Information System (AMIS) to submit their Institution Level Reports (ILRs) and Transaction Level Reports (TLRs) to the CDFI Fund. Ventures added fields to 7(a) and Commercial loans that will populate a TLR export in .XML format which can be uploaded to AMIS. The TLR export includes two .XML files. There is one for the TLR data and another for the address information. We have a KB article which includes a quick overview video HERE. We also have the recorded webinar that was held last week highlighting this feature and the Custom Fields feature, you can watch it HERE.






Managing Application Forms | UI Updates and Custom Fields
We have some exciting news regarding the Site Settings > Applications Settings menu where Lender Admin users go to update their application forms! We have updated the form editor to be more user friendly when adding or editing application fields, and when mapping them to an existing Ventures field. We have also exposed more attributes about the form fields within each section and tab in the main view so that Lender users do not have to go into each field to see additional field information. Please review KB Article Apply Application Form Edits, which includes a short video summary.


Are you adding Custom Fields to your Ventures site? You can add these fields to your Apply application(s) and have the data map to them when you push the record to Ventures. Be sure to review the Add a Field section in the KB Article Apply Application Form Edits for more info!



  • Possible Lender Action:  Because of this upgrade, you may see a warning sign next to a few fields in your application form(s) in Site Settings > Applications Settings menu. This is an indication that the field you are using is an existing Ventures field, and the "field type" selected in Apply does not match what the field type is for the field in Ventures. You are not required to do anything, however, we recommend updating the field type in Apply in order to avoid any mapping issues when pushing the application to Ventures. The warning icon will indicate where the field is located by identifying the Tab > Step > Field.




Additional US Territories Added

We have added additional US Territories to our State field type dropdown menu and to the Lender's Product location parameter section. Previously, we only listed Puerto Rico.



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