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TLR Fields - Action Needed
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You can access a list of TLR fields and where they map to in Ventures by downloading the pdf attached to this article. It is titled "TLR Ventures Field Mapping"


As we implement Transaction Level Reporting. There are a few fields we are still working on. If your Transaction Level Report needs data for the listed fields, you will need to manually enter the data into the TLR export. This is temporary while we continue our TLR implementation.


For example the First time home buyer field in the Transaction Level Report. Currently, in Ventures, we do not have a field that covers this. If your TLR export needs to document this, you will need to follow the instructions below to update your selection in the export itself.


This applies to fields that are partially supported along with the few fields that we do not have in Ventures yet. Fields that are not in Ventures will appear blank in the export, if you need them filled in, you will need to fill them in the export. A complete list of fields that may need you to take action is located at the end of this article.    


To update a field in the TLR export:


  • Extract the files from the zip file the export generated. Based on the software you have installed, you may have a different method for unzipping files.



  • The zipped folder contains two files, click on the Data file



  • Scroll from left to right till you find the data you need to enter or update. You may need to expand the width of the column to see its contents properly. We will use the "First Time Home Buyer" example described above. As you can see the field is blank.



  • Now select the field, and type in what you require the report to say. You can see your options in the third row of the First Time Home Buyer column: Yes, No, and Do Not Know.




  • Remember to save your export file after you edit it.



The below fields are partially supported. They will be fully supported in a future update. Currently you may have to review or update the data in the export related to the following fields:


  1. For Loan Status, we can only pull the loan status as of the time they run the report. Users will need to run the report as close to the end of the TLR reporting period as possible.
  2. We can only map the SBA, Personal, and None options for the Guarantee by Third Party field.
  3. Splitting the transaction based on location or square feet when there is more than one HHFI-FA activity will not be supported until further updates.


The below fields will be supported in a future update. Currently you will need to input data in the export for the following fields:


  1. Points
  2. Origination fees
  3. First-Time Home Buyer



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