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Release Notes - 2023-03-02
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March 1st, 2023




Expanded Job Tracking Capability
We have added new functionality for Job Tracking.  This enhancement includes the ability to allow Lenders to track job numbers during the servicing stage at any point in time and to track job numbers on a continuous basis.  Watch our videos in KB article Jobs Tracking for a summary of the new Jobs Tracking menu and how to best use it!


REMINDER - SBA Form 1244 and IRS Form 4506C 
The most recent versions of the SBA form 1244 and IRS form 4506C are available in Ventures. The previous versions have been removed from Ventures and are no longer valid.


SBA Form 1506 - Servicing Agent Agreement (SAA)
We heard you!  The form is now available as a Web Version which will download in Word format.  Check out the Announcement Widget on your Ventures Home Page for additional information.


SBA Form 2237 - 7(A) Loan Post Approval Action Checklist
The most recent version of the SBA form 2237 has been added to Ventures and the previous version has been removed.


T4506 Customers
T4506 updated their API for orders older than 6 months, and Ventures made a few changes to accommodate this to remove an error message that was appearing when you enter the Tax Verification Order tab. Please note below what you will see in Ventures:

  • If a tax transcript order is more than 6 months old, and has an “In Progress" status, then the comments section will update to “Status check skipped.” This is because T4506 will no longer update orders older than 6 months from order date.
  • Orders less than 6 months old will continue to have status updates, if any.

504 Lenders
Did you know you can generate the Etran Loan Authorization directly from Ventures?  View the KB article and video labeled Generating the Etran SBA 504 Authorization from Ventures to learn more!  Questions?  Use the Contact Support widget located on the upper right portion of Ventures.
A message from the Ventures Support team:
For faster response times and to ensure proper tracking of your inquiries please continue to use the Contact Support Widget to submit any Ventures inquiries.

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